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What is the Early Help Form?

If you do not have regular contact with a child or family but have identified that the family would benefit from additional support  this form can be used. E.g. clinic situation, benefits or housing interviews. The form must be completed as fully as possible and must include consent from the parent/ carer.

 When would I use an early help form?

 Families with children under 5

  • If the family would benefit from accessing children’s centre services such as stay and play, informal parenting groups, baby massage , informal parenting support groups etc. and require introduction to services
  •  If the family would benefit from support because they are unable to access services due to social, environmental or health issues
  • If the child and family would benefit from group work that supports additional needs, such as speech and language development, social and communication difficulties or behaviour support.
  • The child has complex medical needs and the family would benefit from the early support programme

 For all families

  •  If you are unsure of support needed or available and require advice and support
  • If you have identified with a family that they would benefit from accessing additional services but you are not in a position to undertake an Early Help Assessment (CAF)

What an assessment can do

  • Identify services that can help support change for the child, young person or family

  • The Early Help form can be submitted for a child under 5 and their family

  • Help you talk with the child, young person or family about what is going well and what needs to change

What an assessment cannot do

  • The Early Help Form cannot be accepted without consent. It is important to engage with families so they understand the role services play in supporting their family.

  • The Early Help From does not replace an Early Help Assessment (CAF).

  • The Early Help Form must not be used where you have a safeguarding concern. Please go to the Safeguarding section of the website if there is an immediate or possible risk to any child.


What happens once I have submitted my Early Help Form?

Can I send the form without Consent?

How will I know what services have been offered?